Hello, my name is Vivian and I am a Photographer. I started my business 27 years ago and I still love what I get do. I decided to start taking photography classes after the tragic death of my little sister. She was only 15 and I just adored her! We have so few photos of her, my family never did the family photo thing and of course back then you there were no cell phones. I decided back then, life is here today and can be gone in a second. A photo brings you to that exact moment again forever.

 I specialize in my camera, I cover life. I have made such beautiful connections over the years, with weddings, and different businesses. I feel blessed to be a families photographer for years. So many of them, came into my life as a young bride and groom...


I love getting to see Choices. Every wedding is totally unique. You could never duplicate a wedding day. Every flower chosen, every wedding band, the dress, the shoes!!  I get to go to a beautiful party and  document every cool Choice a couple makes. I capture your vision and  and turn it into Your wedding art!


Photographer in the Hudson Valley 

My studio is very pretty  so visually inviting, its just a feel good place! Every day I walk into it I just count my blessings. Im located at 46 Main st.  Milton NY  I love this little town and all its beauty. I have been at this location going on 5 years. I was so fortunate to end up in this special little place, and continue my passion of Living and Colorful Life !

I invite everyone to stop by and say hi!