Here we go- all about Vivian Photography! This is the hard part for me, I hate talking about myself!! My interest in photography began many years ago due to an unfortunate situation; my  little sister , 7 years younger, and the sweetest girl ever, was in a fatal car accident at the age of 15 years old. At her funeral we needed a beautiful photograph of her to place on her casket, and we had none. As teenage girls can sometimes do, she was angry one day and tore up almost all the photographs we had of her. We managed to come up with a few snapshots and the local lab (which I still use to this day) made us enlargements for the funeral. It was then and there that I realized the importance of photography and where my passion came from. Its been my goal to make sure whoever comes into my life, will have amazing photographs to always remember... That was 27 years ago and I still feel just as strongly about capturing beautiful photos of people and the world we live in :) So about the photography that I do, I really photograph just about everything and anything. Of course I love people so children,  senior portraits, sexy people, babies, families and Baby bumps are among my portfolio. I also enjoy photographing couples and the dynamics of their relationships. I love to see people show each other love and laughter:) Makes me happy to capture it for them. My main business is Wedding photography in the Hudson Valley mostly, but will travel:)  Im always so excited to see what people choose for their day such as colors, flowers, dresses ect. Its a blessing of a career and so happy Im a Photographer!