I’d like to take this opportunity to be completely candid with you. 

 My interest in photography was inspired by the devastating and untimely death of Felicia, my beautiful 15 year old baby sister. In accordance with the unpredictable nature of 15 year olds, Felicia destroyed every photo she could find of herself in the heat of a typical adolescent moment. This made finding a beautiful photo to display over her casket particularly difficult. We managed to find a couple snapshots, and had enlargements made at a local lab. However, these photos failed to capture the essence of Felicia. They lack the kindness I remember in her eyes and the warmth of her smile. That was 29 years ago, and as time goes by the images I have in my head of Felicia’s defining qualities become blurrier and further away 

 Since then, it has been my mission and greatest pleasure to help preserve life’s beautiful moments. I’d love to join you on your special day to help keep those memories alive forever. 

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