Rachel & Larry

So when you are totally in love with Disney, of course your wedding should show that! Rachel was truly a princess for the day:) Her something blue was her pretty shoes and her carriage earrings. She had a special rose sewn into her gown from her Moms wedding dress, and Mickey Mouse made an appearance on her fingernails! Around her neck she wore a diamond glass slipper and tinkerbell was flying on her shoulder:) The reception did not disappoint with each table a Disney movie! Larry was so sweet and has the best smile! He was cracking jokes to keep Rachel smiling and not nervous during the ceremony, we we're all laughing with them. Novella's in New Paltz was the perfect setting for a true ballroom experience. Jade Entertainment did his usual great job with the music and the photobooth, everyone was having a blast! I have to say the garter tradition was one of the best I have ever seen!! Breakdancing at its best lol. I hope your marriage is as magical as your day was! xo Vivian


The Rega Family grows!

Good thing we did photos when we did because little Carmine decided to make an early entrance! They are now a family of 4! Can't wait to meet the little guy :) God Bless your family , xo Vivian


A Woman to Admire...

Im so lucky to know such amazing talented women in business! My friend Camille is one of my inspirations, she makes me want to doll up and always be fashionable! I have worked with her and her children for many years! Everyone woman should have a beautiful portrait showing how amazing she is! Thank you for being so awesome! xo Vivian


Beautiful & Successful!