The Art of Becoming Your Role Models

How To Create Your Most Successful Self - Find a Role Model


I want to teach you about an extremely powerful concept in creating success called modeling. It’s so simple it’s almost intuitive!

Okay, here we go, step one is defining your particular success. What endeavor are you about to embark on? Health? Fitness? Business? Finding the love of your life? Whatever it is, I guarantee you there is already someone out there who has achieved it.

Step two is finding that person and learning about their journey. Did they face road blocks along the way? You need to know how they navigated through those obstacles so you can do the same if you’re encountered with the same issues. Did they make any break through decisions or discoveries they have to thank for their success? You need that information so you can apply it to your own journey. 

Modeling is such a simple way to increase performance in your career or personal life, and anyone can do it! 

How To Create Your Most Successful Self - Never Stop Learning

When I first set out to create my business I identified several people who were doing the work I admired, and I tracked them down to study with them. If you’re pursuing a career in photography, I implore you to check them out. I’m talking people like Bambi Cantrell, Joe Buissinck, and Doug Gordon. These are photographers who are truly at the top of their game and experts in the field. I found so much value in learning about their triumphs, but possibly even more in learning about their failures and how they navigated through them. My admiration for their work was my inspiration to succeed. 

So! With all that said, here’s my suggestion for you: start with workshops. True experts never stop learning. Even now, I still make a point of having at least one learning experience a year. Talent can be learned, so if something doesn’t come naturally to you that is exactly when it is time to find a mentor and let the hard work kick in. 

It's really important to choose a workshop that fits not only your chosen career, but also fits how you learn. If you like to talk with people then a networking and inspirational workshop might be a good fit. However, if you like to get down to business and want practical tools to help you achieve something, then choose a workshop that has hands on exercises. You're looking for a workshop that's heavy on teaching and practical.

Always Make Healthy Choices...Vivian