The Business Women of Arbonne

Arbonne is an amazing line of healthy living choices. I have been using their skin care line for about 15 years now and recently got serious about following all the steps and getting regular facials, with a little added treat of 02 K-beauty' (Korean Beauty line) Im obsessed with the results!! Arbonne is an amazing company to be associated with, you should check it out! My good friend and client Lindsey is a very successful woman with Arbonne and she treats her team with a fun photoshoot to show her appreciation and admiration. The ladies come casual and get all dolled up with their Arbonne makeup line while sipping Mimosas and then we shoot! This year we did an extra session with my Education over Addiction tees ( for more info. on this go to Im grateful to have such amazing ladies here in my studio and in my life. 

xo Vivian