Tea Talk with Tara and Viv

So my good friend Tara Pross of Bella Trucco and I decided to start a beauty channel. The name of it is Bella Trucco Beauty Channel on You.tube  https://youtu.be/XTvQFdstRCk

Our goal and mission in this adventure is to teach young people about Beauty, Life and making Healthy choices! We will be sharing our, over 40 years together, of experience in the field of how to make your life a more beautiful place to be in. 

We will be doing demos on just about everything that has to do with Beautiful Choices! It will be very educational, funny and definitely worth checking out!  

xo Vivian

Blogging can be a full time job!

So Im trying to keep up with this blogging thing but Im not very good at it. I post on Facebook all the time I do my Instagram photos almost regularly, I even put photos up on Pintrest every so often, there are just to many social media things to keep up with! 

Im going to try to blog more often, and that's my blog today!