Why Diamonds Should Only Be One of Your Best Friends

Four Potential Contenders For Your Engagement Stone Squad

The first documented use of the diamond ring as an engagement symbol was Archduke Maximillian of Austria. It influenced other high social class people to do the same thing turning it into a tradition. 

Boy that guy is my hero LOL Love that Archie and his fabulous idea :)

Diamonds weren't really that popular until the British discovered some provinces in South Africa. Almost a century later Cecil Rhodes a British Mining Magnate founded De Beers in 1880, started a marketing campaign to increase demand, then stifled the amount of diamonds that would be mined to decrease availability.  

My history of diamond rings is quite elaborate, being that I was married 3 times! Not really sure how my obsession of rings started, probably because I cant see my ears and neck all day long, but I can see my fingers! Everybody has their vice, pocketbooks and shoes never thrilled me but pretty sparkly things do.

I think another reason is looking at their beauty can take you away from a bad day. My saying is Diamonds Take the Pain Away...and I do believe that! 

But Diamonds are not the only stunners out there!! Bling is Bling people lol

The Sapphire

Ahhhhh the Sapphire... with diamonds of course! My next passion, it is my birthstone and the color of my eyes. They make for beautiful engagement rings, its something valuable in its precious stone and metal, but it is also valuable in feelings, attached to someone else's heart. A commitment to a special person in your life. 

The Morganite

I cant say I ever put one on but the Morganite is very intriguing to me. I love its rose coloring and looks amazing set in rose gold with of course diamonds :)

Engagement Bands

Thirdly, I am a big fan of engagement bands! I love to wear stacked bands so why not an engagement band to accompany your wedding band! Of course the engagement band should be larger and more extravagant than the wedding one, only because it is the first one and all your friends will want to see and drool over it!

Champagne Sapphire 

Thank God for Pinterest!! My ring-aholic addiction has been served to me every time I sign on; I am amazed at how many different rings there are in this world. I recently stumbled upon (no I wasn't drinking) a peach Champagne Sapphire with Diamonds! I love the idea of Champagne in it LOL! Seriously, check them out they're so delicate and beautiful!

Well now that you know I'm ring crazy I hope you enjoyed my little sparkle for the day. An engagement ring can truly be any stone, shape color, design you want it to be, as long as it makes you happy and feel loved every time you look at it, oh and also as long it has diamonds in it, of course!